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Zim President fails to land in Vic Falls after bomb threat

President Emmerson Mnangagwa had to cancel his scheduled trip to Victoria Falls on Friday, where he was slated to address a renewable energy conference, due to a security threat. Deputy Chief Secretary in the President's office, George Charamba, issued a statement explaining the situation.

Rutendo Maraire

Charamba revealed that Zimbabwe Airport Authorities received an email via a fastjet airplane, purportedly from an individual named John Doe, claiming a "credible bomb/firearm threat" targeting Zimbabwean airports. As a precautionary measure, the nation's security systems have been elevated to a heightened state of alert. The origin and credibility of the message are currently under investigation.

Highlighting the seriousness with which such threats are treated, Charamba emphasized the government's commitment to thoroughly addressing the issue to ensure the safety of the country. He called for citizens to remain calm during the ongoing investigations and assured the public that the results would be made public by the relevant government authorities once the inquiries are concluded.

While affirming the overall peaceful state of the country and the security measures in place at all entry points, Charamba acknowledged the gravity of potential terrorist threats, emphasizing that no chances are taken in such matters.

Following the bomb scare alert, reports indicated the temporary shutdown of the airport on that Friday. Charamba confirmed that investigations are already underway to determine the validity of the threat and appropriate actions will be taken based on the findings.


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