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UN Resolution 1325- Zimbabwe Launches National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security

The Zimbabwean government has officially launched its National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security, aligning with UN Resolution 1325, which advocates for gender equality and women's inclusion in political processes.

Wilson Waison

This initiative comes at a pivotal moment, with eight Southern African Development Community (SADC) member states at various stages of implementing and adopting the resolution to empower and include women in governance.

During the keynote address, Deputy Minister of Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises Development, Jennifer Mhlanga, emphasized the significance of this launch in advancing gender equality, women's empowerment, and sustainable peace.

"Resolution 1325, adopted by the United Nations Security Council in 2000, recognizes the unique challenges faced by women and girls in armed conflict and calls for their meaningful participation in all aspects of peace and security," stated Mhlanga.

Zimbabwe reaffirmed its commitment to the principles of Resolution 1325 and its subsequent resolutions through this action plan.

Mhlanga described the National Action Plan as a comprehensive framework outlining the country's goals, strategies, and actions to promote gender equality and women's empowerment within the context of peace and security.

"The plan reflects Zimbabwe's steadfast belief in women's potential to contribute to peace and security as agents of change, peacebuilders, and leaders," added Mhlanga.

She emphasized the importance of turning aspirations into concrete actions to create a future where peace, justice, and equality prevail, enabling every woman and girl to thrive and contribute to national development.

Deputy Minister of Defense, L. Mayhlome, highlighted the plan's focus on enhancing women's participation and leadership in decision-making related to peace and security.

"Our nation's sustained peace and security can only be achieved when women's perspectives are fully integrated into policy and decision-making," emphasized Mayhlome.

He underscored the plan's commitment to preventing and addressing gender-based violence, strengthening legal frameworks, improving access to justice, and providing comprehensive support services for survivors.

Mayhlome emphasized the importance of integrating a gender perspective into all peace and security efforts to create an environment where women can thrive and their voices are heard and rights protected.

Fatau Aminata Lo, UN Women Country Representative, expressed delight in participating in the launch and reiterated the organization's commitment to promoting women's economic empowerment.

"By unlocking women's economic potential, we enable them to contribute meaningfully to national development and prosperity," emphasized Aminata Lo.

UN Women also recognized the transformative power of education in promoting gender equality and peace, committing to eliminating gender disparities in education and ensuring equal access for girls.


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