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Water Scarcity Increases Vulnerability of Women and Girls in Zimbabwe

 ActionAid Zimbabwe has expressed deep concern over severe water shortages negatively affecting women and girls throughout the country. Reports cite rising instances of abuse as access to clean water grows increasingly scarce.

Rutendo Maraire

"Climate change, compounded by events like El Niño, is destroying the ability of communities to earn a living, particularly those dependent on agriculture. Clean water is becoming an expensive resource, hurting poor communities the most," said Joy Mabange, ActionAid Zimbabwe Country Director.

World Water Day, observed each March 22nd, highlights the critical need for sustainable freshwater management. ActionAid Zimbabwe emphasizes that harassment and rights violations around water sources pose grave risks to women and girls.

The organization calls upon governmental authorities, including the Rural Infrastructure Development Authority (RIDA) and Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA), to take immediate action to address the situation.

"Access to clean water is a fundamental human right," stated Mabenge. "The Zimbabwean government, working with civil society and ensuring the participation of all affected individuals, must find ways to guarantee adequate water and sanitation facilities."

Caroline Mutimbanyoka, a women's rights activist with the Women for Water Movement, added, "We are deeply concerned by the escalating crisis. Women face assault simply for trying to access water. This is unacceptable."

ActionAid is an international organisation with work in Zimbabwe among other countries working towards the achievement of social justice, gender equality, and the eradication of poverty worldwide. It's a non-governmental and non-profit organization.



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