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Illicit Drug Trade Exposed: MCAZ Warns Public After Raid

Zimbabwe's Medicines Control Authority (MCAZ) urges the public to be vigilant and report suspicious drug activity following a successful raid in the Chikangwe area of Karoi. The operation, conducted in collaboration with police, exposed a network of illegal medicine sales.

Wilson Waison

The MCAZ is crucial in safeguarding Zimbabwe's pharmaceutical supply, ensuring only safe and approved medicines reach consumers. Illegal drug trade poses a serious threat to public health, as unregulated products can be ineffective, expired, or even contain harmful substances.

"This raid unearthed a disturbing range of dangerous products," said MCAZ Director General Richard Rukwata. "Unregistered medicines, expired drugs, and even prescription medications were being sold without authorization, putting lives at risk."

The operation targeted known hotspots, including flea markets, where unlicensed individuals were caught selling illicit substances. Authorities also seized unregulated skin-lightening creams and other potentially harmful body-altering products.

"We need the public's help to stop this dangerous trade," stressed Rukwata. "If you see anything suspicious, report it immediately. Together, we can protect the health of Zimbabweans."

The MCAZ, alongside law enforcement, remains committed to combating drug abuse. Arrests were made, and confiscated medicines will be destroyed. "We won't tolerate the illegal distribution of harmful substances," Rukwata affirmed.


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