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Chitungwiza Tackles Sewer Crisis with Rehabilitation Projects

Chitungwiza, a town grappling with a failing sewer system for years, is taking decisive action. Mayor Rosaria Mangoma is leading a collaborative effort with private partners and the central government to address the long-standing health hazard.

Wilson Waison

Located just outside Harare, Chitungwiza has a population of over 1 million. Its sewer system, much of it decades old, is in a state of disrepair. Limited water supply, illegal connections, and the construction of homes over main sewer lines exacerbate the problem.

Addressing the Issue Mayor Mangoma emphasized that "Council is overwhelmed, but devolution projects are improving services,". Devolution funds, provided by the central government, are crucial for rehabilitation efforts. Key projects include:

  • St. Mary's sewer line rehabilitation
  • Zengeza sewer line rehabilitation
  • Seke sewer line desilting
  • Unit C sewer line rehabilitation

"These projects will curb health risks and improve life for our residents," the Mayor states.

The local authority however faces ongoing challenges. "Inconsistent water supply worsens the situation," Mangoma explains. "And sabotage is a real problem – dead animals, rags, and bricks obstruct the lines." Deblocking operations are underway, and residents are urged to refrain from dumping waste into the system.

Acting Town Clerk Japson Nemuseso underscores this message: "No sand, diapers, or solid waste in the sewers!" He highlights the ongoing desilting of the 6.5-km Seke main sewer line.

The Mayor said Chitungwiza is also addressing other infrastructure issues. New robots installed at the C-Junction aim to reduce road congestion. "We thank the government for devolution support," says Nemuseso. "It helped us purchase refuse trucks, improving trash collection."


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