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Brazil Pledges Support for Zimbabwe's Health Sector, Economic Development

Brazil has committed to strengthening its relationship with Zimbabwe by offering assistance in key areas, including health, education, and economic development.

Rutendo Maraire

Carlos Duarte, Secretary for Africa and the Middle East in Brazil's Ministry of External Relations expressed Brazil's readiness to consider new technical cooperation projects of interest to Zimbabwe.

“Brazil is ready to consider new requests of technical cooperation projects in areas of interest to Zimbabwe. We are also ready to start developing cooperation in the areas of health and education,” he said.

Numerous challenges, including a shortage of healthcare workers, inadequate hospital infrastructure, and a lack of essential medical supplies, plague Zimbabwe's health sector.

The country has recently experienced a cholera outbreak, particularly affecting densely populated areas.

In response to Zimbabwe's healthcare crisis, Brazil affirmed its interest in providing support. Other countries, like Japan, have also offered aid.

Japan recently allocated a $774,000 grant through UNICEF for emergency cholera response in Zimbabwe's Manicaland Province.

Beyond health, Brazil also desired to boost bilateral trade and investment opportunities with Zimbabwe. Mike Chigiji, representative of the Acting Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Trade, welcomed the consultations and emphasized the potential for stronger South-South cooperation between Zimbabwe and Brazil.

Chigiji also highlighted Brazil's contributions to Zimbabwe's agricultural sector, focusing on food security initiatives in the face of drought.

He said his country is grateful for the “steadfast and unwavering support received up to this juncture when the country is still subject to illegal and unjustified sanctions as punishment for our land reform programme which benefitted over 300 000 previously landless people in our country. In that context, Brazil is assisting us by providing support to our agriculture sector through technical support projects thereby contributing to food security in the country,” said Chigiji.

He acknowledged Brazil's ongoing support despite the challenges caused by sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the United States.


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